Cumulative Grade: A combination of all exam, quizzes, modules, laboratory and homework grades to total 100%.

Semester: EMT and AEMT programs are divided into two (2) semesters. The first semester is from the first day of the program until the completion of the midterm exam. The second semester is considered the point after the midterm until the end of the program.

Module: Paramedic programs are divided into nine (9) modules. Each module coincides with a didactic component of group materials.


EMT and AEMT Program:

• Cumulative grading breakdown: Exams 40%, Quizzes 40%, Homework 10%, Practical 10%

• At the mid-term exam, students must have a cumulative average of greater than 75% to proceed with the program. Students who fail to meet the cumulative average will be academically dismissed from the program.

• At the end of the second semester, students must have a cumulative average of 80% or greater after the final exam in order to complete the program. Individuals who fail to meet the cumulative average will be academically dismissed from the program.

• The final practical exam is administered into accordance with the National Registry and/or State of New Hampshire guidelines.

• In order to be eligible for National Registry cognitive exam and the National Registry/Bureau of EMS psychomotor exam, students must successfully pass the course psychomotor exam and have an overall grade of 80% or higher.

Paramedic Program:

• Cumulative grading breakdown to be calculated at the end of Modules 1 through 8: Exams 40%, Chapter Quizzes 25%, Pharmacology Quizzes 20%, Laboratory 10%, Homework/Pop Quizzes 5%. Module 9 consists of the final cognitive and practical exams.

• The paramedic student must obtain an overall grade of 80% or higher in each module to progress to the next module or be approved for Academic Probation (see Academic Probation policy).

• The paramedic student must also obtain a passing grade of 80% or higher at each pharmacology checkpoint to progress to the next program module or be approved for Academic Probation (see policy).

o Pharmacology checkpoints will coincide with the end of modules 4, 6, and 8. These grades will be calculated as the cumulative average of the paramedic pharmacology quizzes taken since the beginning of the course.

• Midterm and final written exams are administered one time, and there are no retakes allowed. Extenuating circumstances will be handled in conjunction with the course instructor, program manager and the medical director.

• The student’s grade for the paramedic laboratory section is based on a pass/clinical hold scoring system. A pass grade will count as a 100% for the lab portfolio portion of the overall course module grade. A student receives a “pass” by completing all objectives with a minimal competency. The student will receive a “clinical hold” for incomplete objectives or failure to attain the minimum competencies of individual skills.

o While a student is on “clinical hold” the student will not be eligible to participate in any clinical shifts. The student must meet clinical competencies with the Medical Director to clear a “clinical hold” status. This will be scheduled at the discretion of the clinical coordinator and medical director.

• Students must complete clinical rotations with a minimum competency, hours and skill achievement. If a student does not complete the desired competencies, hours or skills prior to the final exam they will be dismissed from the program. This is a pass or fail section of the program.

• The final practical exam will be administered with the same structure and rules set in place by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. For full details visit

o Candidates are eligible to retest four or less skills when taking a full attempt of the psychomotor examination. Candidates are eligible for two retest attempts of the four or less skills failed. If offered, only one retest attempt may be completed

on the same day. Candidates who fail five or more skills have failed the entire psychomotor examination.

• Honor Roll: The New England EMS Institute recognizes Paramedic graduates for consummate academic excellence. To earn inclusion on New England EMS Institute’s Honor Roll a graduating student’s cumulative grade average for cognitive courses will be a minimum of 94.0%. Graduates attaining this honor will be formally recognized during the graduation ceremony.

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