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Advanced EMT

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician is the entry level of ALS.


Our Advanced EMT program is designed to provide the student with the foundation needed to function as an AEMT in the state of New Hampshire, building upon the skills of an EMT-Basic provider. With the Advanced EMT Curriculum as its core, our program adds the latest New Hampshire Transitional modules so our graduates will be fully prepared to practice with a New Hampshire EMS service.  This course contains over 200 hours of advanced didactic and clinical education with expanded Anatomy, Trauma and Pediatric pathophysiology modules. This course is once a week on Friday's from 9am-5pm. There is also an online homework component to this course that is completed on Pearson's MyLab Brady

The program consists of classroom lecture, practical laboratory experiences, a hospital clinical internship, and a field EMS internship. Course and clinical work will allow students to perform advanced level patient assessment, utilize advanced airway devices, recognize lethal dysrhythmias, initiate intravenous and intraosseous fluid therapy, administer medications, and achieve a higher level of clinical decision-making skills. 

Students who successfully complete this program with an overall 80%  average, are eligible to take the National Registry of EMTs examination and subsequently apply for state licensure. Our program is approved by the New Hampshire Bureau of EMS.

AEMT Program Prerequisites:

  • Current certification at the EMT-Basic level with 1 year experience

  • American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider Card

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Letter of recommendations from your service director AND EMS medical director

  • Health Insurance

  • Drug Test

Vaccine Requirements:

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella:

    • Two documented MMR vaccines or

    • Positive Titers for immunity for Measles, Mumps and Rubella

  • Varicella:

    • Two documented Varicella Vaccines or

    • Positive Titer for immunity or

    • Documented date of disease by a provider

  • Hepatitis B:

    • Positive Titer for immunity including but not required 3 series vaccinations or

    • Hepatitis B Declination Waiver (If you elect this, I will send you the Declination to be signed)

  • Tetanus:

    • Tdap or Td within ten years

  • Influenza:

    • Yearly documented influenza vaccine

  • TB testing:

    • 2 step Mantoux test or

    • T-Spot or Quantiferon Gold

    • above within one year

Fee Schedule:

Fee Name



$1,700 ($350 non-refundable application fee included)

$250 Discount for returning NEEMSI EMT Students

Drug Test

$80 (not included in tuition)

Health Insurance

Student Pays for this (Price Varies)



EMS Testing


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