New England EMS Institute (NEEMSI) values the professional conduct of its students and staff. NEEMSI has policies which establish professional and educational standards for student and staff conduct. Should a student or staff member fail to meet these standards, NEEMSI will communicate to the student or staff person in a professional manner and provide counseling where possible. In cases where the conduct is of a serious nature, a student may be dismissed from the program immediately. Students will have a right to appeal this process through an established procedure. Staff members who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct or Elliot Essentials may be referred to Human Resources.

STUDENT PROCEDURE: All students will be informed of the grievance process to be utilized if a student does not meet program guidelines, policies, or accepted practices.

In the event disciplinary or corrective action is to be initiated for a student, the EMS Educator will give an oral warning at which time the student will be counseled in remediation of the behavior or act that necessitated the corrective action (if applicable).

In the event the remediation does not correct the student’s action within the time frame designated, the student will receive a written warning and will be counseled regarding the possibility of removal from classroom or clinical activities, thereby resulting in a failure of the course. If continuation of the behavior occurs after the written warning, the student will be immediately dismissed from the program. The Manager reserves the right to go directly to written warnings and/or dismissal if the violation is of serious nature.

Any student receiving disciplinary action may appeal the decision to the Manager of NEEMSI.

Any student wishing to appeal a decision will be given a grievance report form. Following completion, the grievance report form is to be mailed (electronic is acceptable) to the Manager of NEEMSI. A grievance report form must be received within 30 days of disciplinary action to warrant an appeal. During the appeal process, participation in clinical activity is immediately suspended pending the outcome of the appeal process.

A student may appeal the decision of the Manager of NEEMSI to the Advisory Board. At least three members of the NEEMSI Advisory Board and the NEEMSI Medical Director must be in attendance for any grievances that are appealed to the Advisory Board.

Details of any disciplinary action and/or appeals will be confidentially maintained in the NEEMSI administration office.

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