Student Health Requirements

Student Health Requirements

All students are expected to maintain a health insurance policy. Any student engaging in a clinical rotation inside or outside the hospital is required to present evidence of the following prior to participating in a clinical rotation:

I. TB test: Must be a Mantoux (PPD) – within six (6) months prior to the start of the first clinical rotation.

II.   Rubeola (measles) and Rubella (German measles): proof of immunity may be documented in two ways:

A. A positive titer to Rubeola and a positive titer to Rubella;

B. Proof of two (2) immunizations to Rubeola or MMR, and proof of immunization to Rubella or MMR vaccine.

III. Hepatitis B vaccination.

IV. Students who have not had chicken pox must notify the Course Coordinator and/ or the Clinical Sites Coordinator.

V. Current influenza vaccination

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